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An overview of my work - my interests and specialities.


The below side, and following side, provide an overview of the types of photography which particularly capture my imagination. Click on the individual mini-photos presented below to lead to a more detailed slide-show of that theme, containing some of my favourite images I have collected over the years.

Sports and Action

I am particularly interested in church and cathedral architecture, with a photographic fascination for gothic cathedral ceiling vaultings. The photographic concept behind the latter is quite simple: use of a wide angle lens to photograph directly vertically upwards reveals the stunning beauty, harmony and symmetry  of these medeaval structures, perhaps some of the most beautiful objects ever built by humans.

I have experimented with water sports action photos, particulrly from trips to the Canary Isles, where the conditions for kite and windsurfing are perfect. These photos are taken with long focal length lenses (eg 400 mm, or more) and make for some spectacular results. One day I plan to travel to one of the big surfing Meccas, such as Hawaii - there is so much to do and photopgraph in one short lifetime!


Landscape photography was perhaps my first photographic interest, and I continue to this day to be drawn to the beauty of the world and the challenge of fully capturing that beauty through the eye of a camera. The effort involved in landscaping can be great, involving getting up early before the crack of dawn to attempt to capture the glory of the first few rays of sun on a new day. This of course can be a frustrating experience when the wished for conditions fail to materialise but on those occassions when all the elements come together it can lead to some of the most glorious results and experiences which photography has to offer.


I have always been drawn to the stunning simplicity and beauty of black/white low-key photography. Low key is a concept where the dark areas of a picture are deliberately prominent, with only small selected areas of the picture more strongly exposed and highlighted. This leads to both striking as well as moody and somewhat abstract images. The great thing about studio work for the photographer, in contrast to other forms of photography such as landscaping, is that you of course can play God and control the light!

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