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I am a hobby photographer, sixty-something, married, two grown up children, and living here in Ingelheim, Germany for more than 25 years.


Photography has been a major hobby of mine for many years, probably driven by a desire for some form of artistic expression, but perhaps defined by my innate inability to draw, carve or sculpture! I have developed a taste for many different fields and types of photography, including travel, architecture, water sports, landscapes, flora and fauna, portraits and people, and black/white low-key nudes, as hopefully you will be able to see on this website. I have been fortunate enough to have had some of my work published, for instance in local newspapers or magazines, and exhibited in local restaurants or public buildings.


I originally learnt the basics of photography in the film era, with a simple, fully manual SLR camera which taught me all the essentials of exposure, depth of field, aperture vs shutter speed, film speed etc, as well as darkroom film and print processing. However, I am now fully converted to digital. Consequently, I do use (hopefully in moderation) certain computer processing techniques, and on occassion will use HDR, particularly for indoor architectural or landscape work where it can help balance out the shadowy contrasts which can blight a photograph. I also very much like experimenting with black/white, and generating various shadings and tones of black/white, and for this I find the use of computer digital photography to be of great value.


Please feel free to browse this website; by clicking on the links 'GALLERY 1' and 'GALLERY 2', below, you can see in more detail some of the types of photography I have performed over the years. Please feel free to get in touch and I am always grateful for any suggestions, thoughts, ideas or other 'Anregungen'.  In addition, if you ever any requests for any projects or photos on which you would like to work with me please be in touch and we could negotiate a payment to cover some of the basic costs and work involved.


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