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A continued overview of my work - my interests and specialities.


The below side and following sides provide a further overview of some of the other types of photography which particularly capture my imagination. Click on the individual mini-photos presented below to lead to a more detailed slide-show of that theme, containing some of my favourite images I have collected over the years.



'Travel' is of course a loosely defined, open-ended theme, but here I have collected a set of photos which I hope capture the essence and spirit of some of the places around the world which I have been lucky enough to visit over the years. Some photos are classic iconic images, whilst others just try to give an impression of the daily life in some of these exotic destinations.


I present here a number of shots of mainly African, as well as Australian animal wildlife. I would like to hope that these images would simulate some reflecion of the plight of much of the wildlife in the world, and make us realise what an irreplacable beauty we have under our responsibility.

Here are a selection of images of beautiful flowers, mostly taken with macro lenses which allow extraordinary new perspectives to be opened up on otherwise day to day objects.

Here I present a selection of images which perhaps look somewhat unreal or are not at all immediately recognisable. Obviously photographic techniques and camera and lens technology allow the photographer to provide dramtically different views and interpretations of the subjects which surround us in everyday life.

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